How to Keep Your Active Lifestyle After An Incontinence Diagnosis

August 17, 2018 1 Comment

How to Keep Your Active Lifestyle After An Incontinence Diagnosis

If you just got an incontinence diagnosis, don't worry: you're not alone. An estimated 200 million people worldwide experience urinary incontinence, and approximately 25 million adult Americans experience occasional or chronic symptoms, says

An incontinence diagnosis is difficult to talk about because it represents the loss of an essential human need: bladder (or bowel) control. And its symptoms can be overwhelming, embarrassing, and difficult to handle in the day-to-day. 

The good news? Incontinence does not mean the end of your active lifestyle.

For older adults who love yoga, tai chi, biking, golf, gardening, sports, or chasing the grandchildren, an incontinence diagnosis can be confidence-shattering and disappointing, especially for those who have moved to states like Florida to enjoy a warmer climate and outdoor activities in their retirement years.

So how can incontinence and an active lifestyle go hand-in-hand? By choosing an incontinence product designed with an understanding of this difficult life change.

Egosan’s adult briefs are designed for those who wish to continue to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and to maintain confidence, independence, and joy -- even amidst a loss of control.

Active seniors shouldn't stop doing what they love. Fit for either active or bedridden wearers, Egosan's aloe-based, eco-friendly briefs can protect against even maximum incontinence (urinary or fecal). The soft material and efficient elastics, too, work together to provide both comfort and protection, while adhering gently across the body.

Along with a comfortable fit, these briefs come with an odor secure system, so wearers can be confident enjoying any activity. With four different products and 40 years of experience, Egosan has developed the best adult diapers on the market.

Yes, incontinence affects over 50 percent of older Americans, but by choosing to maintain an active lifestyle and finding a new normal even still, they're helping to break the stigma around incontinence. Egosan was designed for these diagnosis-defying adults who say, "What incontinence?" 

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November 24, 2018

thought i’d try these for bowel and bladder control loss and 24/7 use. They are light and had a great fit on a man. And I could put them on silently at work

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